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Happy Doctor's Day 

By Ana Ray

July 01, 2023

On this glorious day, we honor the souls who heal,  The guardians of life, with hearts so full they feel. 

Happy Doctor's Day, to those who hold the key, Unlocking hope and healing, setting spirits free. 

They dance with grace in the realm of despair, Guiding us through darkness, with tender love and care. 

Their hands, like angels' wings, touch lives so divine, Restoring broken hearts, like a rare and precious wine. 

They brave the storm, the tempest of disease, Embracing every challenge, bringing comfort and ease. 

With compassion as their compass, they navigate the unknown, Fearlessly marching forward, with hearts made of stone. 

Their eyes sparkle with wisdom, their voices carry solace,  Each word a soothing balm, for souls in need of solace. 

They stand as beacons of hope, a light in the darkest night,  Illuminating our paths, with every healing sight. 

Happy Doctor's Day, to those who sacrifice,  Their days and nights, battling illness with every device. 

We bow in gratitude, for their tireless dedication, For weaving dreams of wellness, a testament to their vocation. 

They mend broken wings, they dry sorrowful tears,  They calm anxious hearts, extinguishing all fears. 

Their touch brings healing, their words breathe life anew,  A symphony of miracles, orchestrated by the chosen few. 

Today, let us celebrate these warriors of compassion, Whose love for humanity knows no ration. 

Happy Doctor's Day, a day to honor and revere,  The angels among us, the healers we hold dear. 

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