Work From Home days lowest since 2020 but there is still demand in this field says research

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Work From Home Jobs: Covid 19 accelerated the work from home jobs, which is now slowing down. According to a report, the level of work from home in the US has come down to the lowest since 2020. In May, employees worked from home for only 26.6 percent of their total workdays. According to WFH research Statistics with citing a reference forbes has said that most of the employees are now returning to the office. However, the trend of work from home is still prevalent in many industries.

A study by researchers including economists from Stanford University and the University of Chicago found that in the US, only 26.6% of paid workdays were done from home in May. At the peak of Covid-19, 60% of paid workdays were done from home.

According to the report, 13 percent of full-time employees in the US are completely on remote work. 26 percent of employees were doing hybrid work and in May, 62 percent of people were working on-site i.e. by reaching the office.

The largest number of people working from home are from the information and technology sector, 69% of the employees in this sector are completely remote or on hybrid work. This is followed by the finance and insurance sector. Researchers have found that the reason for the high prevalence of work from home in this sector is high salary and computer-based work.

At the same time, work from home is very low in the retail and hospitality sector. Only 17 percent of the employees in this sector are doing completely remote or hybrid jobs. Physical presence is most required in this industry, so people are having to return to the office. An interesting statistic has also come to light that companies started around the year 2020 have the most remote work facility. The reason for this is the digital nature of the companies, by adopting which they have offered work from home to the employees.


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