Xiaomi Fimi Mini 3 drone Price 1999 yuan launched with 4K recording dual battery feature

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Chinese Company Xiaomi Xiaomi’s sub-brand Fimi has introduced a drone on the online platform Xiaomi Youpin. Its name is – Fimi MINI 3 Drone. Xiaomi says that this drone can record videos in 4K resolution and can fly for 32 minutes on a single charge. The drone is quite lightweight and can easily carry any luggage. The company has also introduced Fimi MINI 3 in a dual battery model, which increases its flying capacity.

Fimi MINI 3 Price

Fimi MINI 3 is available in two models – single battery and dual-battery. For the single battery model Price The price of this model is 1999 Yuan (approximately Rs. 22,999). The dual battery model is priced at 2299 Yuan (Rs. 26,450). The company is also offering insurance for these models, which increases the price a little.

Fimi MINI 3 is able to record videos in 4K resolution as it has a half-inch 48MP CMOS sensor from Sony. It is also capable of capturing 8K time-lapse videos. It is claimed that it can transmit real-time HD images even from a distance of 9 kilometers. Transmission is possible in just 120ms.

This drone is also packed with AI capabilities, the effect of which is visible in night scenes. This drone weighs 250 grams and does not require any permission to fly in most areas. As we told, its battery can give a maximum backup of 32 minutes.

It is claimed that Fimi MINI 3 has a professional level flight control system, which makes it easier for the user to do stable and time lapse photography. Its gimbal automatically shoots from many angles and everything is visible to the user through the app.

The option of vertical shooting mode is also available in this drone, due to which it can also work for vertical screen devices. Many features have been provided in it keeping safety in mind. For example, RTH is the option of automatic return, which means it is capable of returning to its destination on its own. Real-time monitoring of the drone can be done through GPS. The user gets information when the battery is low and an alert also comes when the winds are strong.



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