Amazfit BIP 5 Unity First Impression in Hindi Over 120 Sports Mode Sylish Design

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Amazfit has launched its latest budget smartwatch, Amazfit BIP 5 Unity, in India. New smartwatch already present in the country OnePlus Nord Watch, will compete with players like Honor Choice Watch. The new watch comes as a lite version of the existing BIP 5, but with some minor changes in the design. New BIP 5 Unity Amazfit BIP 5 It has been made thinner than the earlier and also the frame has been changed from plastic to metal. However, to be more economical, some cuts have also been made in the features. The latest Amazfit smartwatch rivals similar features, but is available at a lower price point than the BIP 5 Unity. In such a situation, it remains to be seen where the latest smartwatch model stands in the competition. BIP 5 Unity launched in India for Rs 6,999 launch It is made in India and is available in three step color options – Grey, Charcoal and Pink. I got a chance to spend some time with BIP 5 Unity and here I am going to tell you my initial opinion about this smartwatch.

First look: A stylish and slim design

Amazfit Bip 5 Unity attracts attention with its slim and elegant design. The first good thing I felt as soon as I held it in my hand was its light weight. Weighing 28 grams without the strap, its dial was as light as a feather. Even the silicone strap was comparatively light. The light weight makes it appear as if the smartwatch comes with a plastic build, but its middle frame is made of stainless steel, which impressed me. At 10mm thickness, it is also much thinner than other models in the competition. For comparison, the thickness of the more expensive BIP 5 is 11.2mm and its bottom frame is made of plastic. The smartwatch certainly feels sturdy, which should handle everyday wear and tear without any hiccups.

BIP 5 Unity comes with an anti-bacterial liquid silicone strap, which is flexible and soft. It supports quick release, which is easy to remove or put back on the dial. Overall, I found the BIP 5 Unity to have a sturdy build and stylish design, and it was comfortable to wear.

Display and Software

Amazfit Bip 5 Unity sports a vibrant 1.91-inch TFT display. However, if there was an AMOLED display similar to the more affordable OnePlus Nord Watch, then the display could have got the title of all-rounder. However, during a short period of usage, I liked the display quality of BIP 5 Unity. Colors were vivid and there was no problem in reading fine details outdoors. The display showed clear information even in bright sunlight, whether I was checking my heart rate, doing a light walk or reading notifications while walking.

It comes with Zepp OS 3.0, which is a fitness-focused software. It comes with more than 100 watch faces to make the smartwatch fashionable and give a new look every day. Many of these watchfaces also show you all the important fitness related details on the dial. From classic analog designs to modern digital interfaces, there’s a watch face to suit everyone’s tastes.

Amazfit has kept information about its chipset behind the scenes, but I found the UI quite smooth. Switching to different tabs and swiping in all directions was fast without any lag. At the same time, the loading time of the apps was also comparatively less. There is a single button on the right side of the frame, which is used to open the apps page, activate Alexa voice assistant or turn-off/restart. By swiping right or left on Home, you can see widgets, featured workout shortcuts, and heart rate data, etc. At the same time, swipe down from the top will take you to quick toggles and swipe up from the bottom will show you notifications.

120+ sports modes

The Amazfit Bip 5 Unity has a lot to offer for fitness. It has more than 120 sports modes, which is more than most of the competing models. It claims to automatically detect and track six workouts like walking, running, treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine. I tried walking indoors wearing it and found that it automatically detected indoor walking. Along with all these workouts, due to the 5 ATM water resistance build in BIP 5 Unity, it can also be used for swimming. It claims to store all workout data in an organized manner, so you can track insights like your heart rate, calories burned and recovery time in detail through the Zepp app on your mobile phone. Bluetooth 5.2 version is available in BIP 5 Unity to connect to the mobile.

Health Tracking Features

Not only fitness but also health can be tracked in Amazfit Bip 5 Unity, for which it has many other health tracking features including heart rate sensor, blood oxygen saturation sensor (SpO2), sleep monitoring. In my initial usage, I matched its heart rate tracking data a couple of times with data from two premium models from Apple and Samsung, and the results were almost identical. This smartwatch also claims to have stress monitoring. The company says that by wearing BIP 5 Unity on the wrist, it records factors like sleep quality, daytime nap, light or deep sleeping pattern and sleep breathing quality. With this smartwatch, women can also track their menstrual cycle.

Battery, connectivity and other features

Amazfit claims that the Bip 5 Unity can last up to 11 days with normal usage. This makes it ideal for those who forget or are lazy to put their devices on charge from time to time. The Bip 5 Unity also has a battery saver mode that claims to extend battery life up to 26 days. This mode prioritizes basic functionality like timekeeping and turns off battery-draining features. However, it is important to note that battery life may vary depending on usage habits. Keeping the phone continuously paired also affects the battery life. I didn’t get much time with it, so I can’t make any claims about its exact battery life.

The Amazfit Bip 5 Unity pairs with the smartphone with the Zepp app. The pairing process was fast and easy. After pairing, notifications coming on the mobile can be seen in the smartwatch and music can also be controlled. You can also find the paired smartphone through the watch. The company claims that Zepp OS gives you access to more than 70 downloadable apps and games. It also shows weather updates and can set alarms.

my initial opinion

Amazfit Bip 5 Unity enters a competitive Indian smartwatch market where its bigger brother – BIP 5 is already present. With a price of Rs 6,999, it is almost a thousand rupees more expensive than the BIP 5 and its main rivals OnePlus Nord Watch and Honor Choice Watch Is more expensive than. While I missed the AMOLED display, its slim design with a stainless steel frame impressed me at first glance. It has rich sports mode and health tracking features. The battery life claimed by the company also affects. However, the real performance of any device can be known only after putting it to test.


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