Apple Prevents USD 1.8 Billion Worth Fraud Transactions on its App Store

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American devices and technology company Apple has increased efforts to prevent fraudulent transactions through its App Store. The company said that due to the increase in digital threats, it has taken measures to protect users from scams and phishing attacks. Apple has stopped fraud transactions worth about seven billion dollars on the App Store between 2020 and 2023. Apart from this, during this period, more than 1.4 crore stolen credit cards have been blocked and more than 33 lakh accounts have been banned from doing repeat transactions.

“As the scope and complexity of digital threats has grown over the past few years, the company has stepped up its efforts to prevent fraudulent activities,” the post on Apple’s Newsroom said. company Our teams monitor and investigate such activities on the App Store. For this, modern technology and tools are used.” The company said that last year, fraud transactions worth about $ 1.8 billion have been stopped on the App Store. Apart from this, the company’s standards related to privacy, content and security have been stopped. Due to this, more than 17 lakh app applications have been rejected.

Apart from this, the company has terminated the accounts of about 37.4 crore developers and customers. Due to the possibility of fraud, approximately 15.2 crore ratings and reviews have also been removed. Apple said that its review team of approximately 500 employees evaluates each app before publishing it on the App Store.

The company has made preparations to increase its manufacturing in India. Apple aims to do 25 percent of the total manufacturing of iPhones in the country in the next three-four years. For this, instead of sourcing inputs from Chinese vendors, a network of local vendors is being created. In a media report quoting sources having information about the company’s plan, it has been said that Apple Major part of the manufacturing in the country will be with its contract manufacturer Foxconn and Tata Group company Tata Electronics. India is an important market for the company. By the end of last year, 14 percent of Apple’s total manufacturing of iPhones was in India.


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