Apple to Sell Mixed Reality Headset Vision Pro in International Markets from 28 June

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American devices maker Apple’s mixed reality headset Vision Pro will soon be available for sale in the international market. The company has announced this at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Vision Pro was introduced at WWDC last year. Its sale was started only in the US six months later.

Apple said that Vision Pro will be available for sale in the international market from June 28. Pre-orders for it will start from June 14 in China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Pre-orders for it can be given in Australia, France, Germany and UK from June 28. Apple CEO, Tim Cook said, “There is a lot of excitement for Vision Pro and we are happy to introduce the magic of spatial computing to customers around the world.” company has said that before purchasing Vision Pro, customers can book a 30-minute demo session at Apple’s store.

The Vision Pro has a starting price of $3,499. It is available in three storage variants – 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB. More than 600 apps and games have been optimized for it. These new apps have support for the visionOS operating system. Recently Apple Susan Prescott, Vice President of Developer Relations at Apple Inc., said, “These apps will change the way we experience entertainment, music, and games. They will give us new ways to learn and explore, and enhance productivity. Developers are working on spatial computing, and it remains to be seen what new things they do.”

In this, users will have access to many streaming apps including PGA TOUR Vision, NBA, MLB, CBS, Paramount+, NBC, NBC Sports, FOX Sports and UFC. It has an external battery pack that connects via a cable. Vision Pro has six microphones, two primary cameras, six secondary (tracking) cameras, four cameras for eye tracking, a LiDAR scanner and six other sensors. This device comes with a solo knit band, dual loop band, light seal and two light seat cushions. Vision Pro 2 can also be introduced in the next few years. <!–


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