India Budget 2024: Examining Winners and Losers in PM Modi’s Pre-Election Budget

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With Budget 2024, Prime Minister Modi’s administration charts the course for India’s economic trajectory ahead of the impending national elections.

In the lead-up to the national polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration presented its final budget, aiming to strike a balance between appeasing key voter groups and maintaining fiscal prudence.

Budget 2024

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman outlined several measures targeting various sectors, but reactions to the budget highlight both winners and losers in the Indian economy.



The budget emphasizes promoting investments in post-harvest activities and enhancing self-reliance in oilseed production. Plans to develop dairy farming and increase spending on fisheries aim to bolster productivity in the agricultural sector.

Middle Class:

With the government raising threshold limits for tax rates, the middle class stands to benefit from increased disposable income. Additionally, initiatives supporting middle-class individuals in homeownership contribute to the broader goal of ensuring housing accessibility for all.


Efforts to incentivize states in developing tourist destinations and offering interest-free loans signal a push towards boosting tourism, which could spur economic growth and job creation.

Renewable Energy:

While the budget allocates funding for wind energy projects, expectations for more robust subsidy programs to accelerate renewable energy adoption remain unmet.

Budget 2024



Despite a modest increase in infrastructure spending, concerns persist about the adequacy of investment to address India’s infrastructure challenges effectively.

Electric Vehicles:

While the government aims to strengthen the electric vehicle ecosystem, the absence of an extension to existing subsidy programs raises doubts about the sector’s growth trajectory.


The decision to maintain high import taxes on gold disappoints the jewelry industry, impacting stocks and hindering efforts to curb illegal inflows.


India’s reduced disinvestment targets for the current fiscal year reflect challenges in concluding stake sales, casting uncertainty on the government’s privatization agenda.

As the nation gears up for elections, the budget priorities of the Modi administration underscore the intricate balance between economic development and political strategy.

The outcomes of these budget measures will undoubtedly shape the country’s economic trajectory and influence voter sentiment in the upcoming polls.


Q: What are the key highlights of Budget 2024?

A: Budget 2024 focuses on sectors like agriculture, middle class, tourism, and renewable energy to spur growth.

Q: How does Budget 2024 affect infrastructure development?

A: While there’s a slight increase in infrastructure spending, concerns remain about meeting the nation’s infrastructure needs adequately.


Budget 2024 reflects the government’s efforts to balance economic priorities with political considerations.

– Financial Analyst

The middle class welcomes the tax relief provided in Budget 2024, boosting consumer spending.

– Economist


Budget 2024 represents a pivotal moment in Prime Minister Modi’s tenure, serving as the final fiscal roadmap before the national elections. It encapsulates the government’s strategy to address both economic imperatives and political aspirations. While sectors like agriculture and the middle class emerge as winners with targeted initiatives to spur growth and enhance purchasing power, challenges persist in areas such as infrastructure development and electric vehicle adoption.

The budget’s cautious approach reflects the need for fiscal discipline amidst competing demands for resources. As India braces for the upcoming elections, the ramifications of Budget 2024 extend beyond economic policies, shaping voter perceptions and political discourse. Despite its limitations, the budget underscores the government’s commitment to inclusive development and lays the groundwork for future policy initiatives. Ultimately, the success of Budget 2024 will be measured not only in economic terms but also in its ability to resonate with the aspirations of the Indian populace.

LIVE – Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Presents Union Budget 2024 Credit: @DoordarshanNational

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India Budget 2024: PM Modi shuns big spending in pre-election budget

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