Google IO 2024 Ask Photos Deepmind to AI Overview Gemini 1.5 Gets More Smart Heres All Details

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Google introduced Gemini 1.5 Pro during its IO event on Tuesday. The company launched the Google Pixel 8a a few days ahead of the event and focused its I/O on the Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) model and Android 15. Kicking off the event with the flagship Gemini AI model, Google revealed that the upgraded model is more intelligent and accurate than before. The company also said that currently more than 15 lakh developers use Gemini 1.5 version. Apart from this, it has also been reported that more than 10 lakh users showed interest in using Gemini in mobile in three months.

Google’s newly upgraded Gemini AI model is now better than ever. Now search has also become better with AI model and also Google has included it in its native app suite. Google says that the new Gemini AI will now make it easier to find photos in Google Photos. Users can now search photos in the Google Photos app based on the conditions at that time. This feature has been named “Ask Photos”. With this smart search feature, users can ask a complete query instead of using keywords, like “What is my license plate number?” It will then look at the location and previous photos to find the right car. It can also tap into deeper memories, such as showing a child’s swimming progress over time.

Google has also tried to improve Workspace with Gemini. With Gemini 1.5 Pro, users can get a lot of information related to Gmail with just one search. Apart from this, Gemini has also made Google Meet smarter. If you can’t attend an hours-long meeting on Google Meet, you can ask for highlights of that meeting later from Gemini.

Power of Google Gemini Google Has also been included in the search. ‘AI Overviews’ shows you a summary of search results at the top of the AI ​​search page. Its purpose is to provide users with concise answers to complex questions, which can save you time searching through multiple websites. This feature is being made available to all users in the US this week.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Gemini 1.5 Pro will have a 2 million token context window (the amount of information an AI model can understand), double the 1 million tokens currently read. This will make it possible to have very long conversations with Gemini, such as discussing an entire book with Gemini. This allows Gemini to remember a lot of information before answering users’ questions.

Also revealed during Google IO was AlphaFold 3, a brand new AI tool that was launched by Google Deepmind and Isomorphic Labs. Instead of just the proteins available in the previous version, the new version can also use generic AI capabilities to predict what DNA and RNA molecules will look like when scientists ask. Its aim is to make drug discovery easier and faster.


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