My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: A Heartwarming Return to the Portokalos Family

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In 2002, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” became a massive hit, capturing our hearts with its charming portrayal of the quirky Portokalos family and their deep love for one another. Fast forward to 2023, and we’re eagerly anticipating the release of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,” the latest chapter in this beloved series.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why this family-centered comedy series is so beloved, and dive into the exciting details about the film’s production, including the breathtaking Greek locations it showcases.

The Magic of the Portokalos Family:

The Portokalos family’s unique charm is at the heart of these films. While some say the movies follow a predictable formula, it’s a formula that works like a charm. It’s like a favorite comfort food recipe that always brings comfort and joy. These heartwarming stories about love, family, and cultural quirks have proven to be a winning combination, making “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” a cultural sensation.

Sequels That Surpassed Expectations:

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” surpassed predictions by becoming a success 14 years after the initial release, demonstrating the lasting charm of this family narrative. With “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” on the horizon, fans can look forward to yet another enchanting exploration of the Portokalos family’s universe. Nia Vardalos, the creative force behind the franchise, is once again leading the way, ensuring the magic continues.

Dealing with Loss:

The passing of Michael Constantine, who played Gus Portokalos, was a significant challenge for the filmmakers. But they handled it gracefully by incorporating the character’s longing for a family reunion in Greece into the story. This heartfelt tribute to Constantine’s character adds depth to the film and emphasizes the importance of family bonds.

Light-Hearted Conflicts and Resolutions:

One of the hallmarks of the “Wedding” films is their ability to introduce conflicts that are more comedic than dramatic. These conflicts are resolved without much sacrifice, highlighting the characters’ fundamentally good nature. The resolution often involves characters helping each other, emphasizing the importance of community and support.

The Greek Setting:

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” offers viewers a captivating journey through the picturesque landscapes of Greece. The film showcases picturesque locations, including Corfu, with its ancient olive groves and Varipatades Village, a charming representation of a Greek village. Bolivar Beach Bar in Athens adds a lively backdrop to the story, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of Greece.

The Irresistible Ian:

Ian, Toula’s husband, is the ideal romantic lead in these films. He’s funny, genuine, and empathetic, making him universally appealing. The lack of real conflict in their relationship only adds to the film’s escapist charm.

The Cinematic Craftsmanship:

The cinematography by Barry Peterson stands out in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.” In an era where some Hollywood cinematography has become lackluster, Peterson’s work shines. Crisp night scenes and vibrant landscapes enhance the film’s visual appeal, adding excitement to the story.

Escaping from Drama:

This latest installment of the franchise offers escapism in its purest form. It avoids deep drama, focusing instead on providing viewers with a light-hearted and joyful experience. The film serves as a wonderful advertisement for Greek tourism, showcasing the country’s beauty and hospitality.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” Review:

  • Nia Vardalos returns with a third installment of the beloved Greek family franchise, but this time, the spotlight is on the raucous Portokalos clan.
  • Twenty years ago, Nia Vardalos charmed us with her indie hit, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” She played Toula Portokalos, a shy Chicago waitress who defied her overbearing family to pursue her dreams. It resonated with many, but this time around, empowerment takes a backseat.
  • In “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,” Nia Vardalos not only stars and writes but also directs, although she plays a more subdued role. The film’s humor and plotlines are handed over to the louder, more chaotic members of the Portokalos family, especially Aunt Voula, portrayed brilliantly by Andrea Martin.
  • Toula’s character becomes the target of physical humor, like bumping her head or falling off a donkey, while the rest of the ensemble steals the comedic spotlight. The script lacks depth, and Toula seems to exist solely to restrain the eccentricities of her family.

From left, John Corbett, Maria Vacratsis, Melina Kotselou, Nia Vardalos, Elena Kampouris, Andrea Martin and Elias Kacavas in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”.

  • The story begins with the passing of Toula’s father, Gus, played affectionately by Michael Constantine, who passed away in 2021. To honor him, the family embarks on their first trip to Greece, visiting his childhood home. The film revolves around various minor conflicts that often resolve quickly without much impact.
  • One bizarre and disposable gag involves Toula’s mistaken attraction to a stranger who turns out to be a relative. The film lacks cohesion, leaving the audience questioning some character choices and plot inconsistencies.
  • Despite its flaws, Andrea Martin shines with her comedic timing. If Vardalos feels out of place at the center of the franchise, it may be time to pass the torch to Martin.
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” features a wedding at its core, as expected, but it raises questions about whether a wedding is the only path to a happy ending. While attempting to modernize the formula that worked in the original, the film struggles to capture the same magic.
  • For fans of the series, this sequel offers a chance to reconnect with beloved characters, but it falls short in terms of pacing, dialogue, and plot development. However, the film excels in its wedding scenes.
  • The Portokalos family remains loving and boisterous, and their use of Windex to solve everything continues. The story takes them to Greece for a family reunion, but the reasons behind the trip are not well-explained. Subplots are introduced and forgotten, and new characters lack depth.
  • Toula’s family members are still quirky, but their character development is lacking. The marriage between Toula and Ian remains stable, which may be a missed opportunity for more substantial conflict in a rom-com.
  • Despite its shortcomings, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3delivers a joyful wedding scene with a mix of Greek and Syrian traditions, offering a nod to contemporary Greek politics. However, the film’s reliance on weddings as a resolution leaves questions about its contemporary relevance.
  • As the franchise potentially continues, one can only wonder who will be the focus of “Greek Wedding 4” and what wedding will be at its heart. “My Big Fat Just-Living-Together-For-Now” doesn’t quite have the same catchy sound.

In summary, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” may appeal to die-hard fans eager to reunite with beloved characters, but it struggles to capture the charm of the original and feels like a pale imitation of its predecessors.

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 3 – Official Trailer [HD] – (Credit: Focus Features @FocusFeatures)


Q1: What is the plot of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3?

A1: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 follows the Portokalos family as they embark on a journey to Greece, exploring family bonds and cultural quirks.

Q2: Who is the director of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3?

A2: Nia Vardalos, also the star, directed My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

Q3: Are there stunning Greek locations featured in the film?

A3: Yes, the film showcases picturesque Greek locations like Corfu and charming villages.

Q4: Is Michael Constantine in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3?

A4: While the late Michael Constantine is not physically present, his character’s memory plays a significant role in the film.


Family is at the heart of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, reminding us of the enduring appeal of this heartwarming series. Team

Greece’s beauty takes center stage in this film, making it a visual delight for viewers.

Ian, the ideal romantic lead, adds an extra layer of charm to this feel-good movie. Team

Conclusion: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” is a heartwarming return to the Portokalos family, offering fans another dose of the endearing formula that made the original film a sensation. With stunning Greek locations, lovable characters, and a dedication to honoring the late Michael Constantine, this film promises to deliver a delightful experience that will leave audiences with smiles on their faces.

While it may not be an Oscar contender, it certainly provides a much-needed dose of laughter and feel-good moments in today’s world. So, get ready to say “Opa!” once again as you join the Portokalos family on their latest adventure.

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