Scientists Find 155 Million Year old Starfish Like Creature That Cloned Itself

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Scientists have discovered a creature that lived 155 million years ago that could also clone itself. This creature is unique in appearance. It has 6 arms. But it is not like an octopus, its shape looks like a starfish. It is said to have amazing abilities. Scientists say that it was capable of regenerating. This is the only fossil of its kind that was discovered in Germany in 2018.

Science Alert According to this, it was found buried in limestone rock. Researchers say that this is the only known specimen of a new star-like species. Scientists have named it Ophiactis hex. It is said that it was a creature with amazing abilities. It had the ability to clone. It could create its own copy from any part of its body. This process is called fissiparity.

This discovery is very important because till now scientists were not able to know when the process of fragmentation happened for the first time. This 155 million years old fossil has been kept in such a safe manner that all its hook-shaped arms are clearly visible, on which small structures like thorns are also visible.

According to Dr Thuy, who was involved in the study, it is common to find skeletons of ophiuroids with many arms in the process of regeneration in the fossil record, but fossils that can regenerate their own bodies are very rare.

Nature is very mysterious in itself. Marine researchers are still finding such creatures in the sea that were never seen before and there is no record of them. Earth Who knows how many such creatures might have existed in history about which we are yet to learn.



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