Starship rocket fourth launch test soon elon musk shares plan

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The world’s heaviest rocket Starship is once again getting ready for launch test. According to reports, it may be launched for testing for the fourth time in 3 to 5 weeks. Elon Musk himself has confirmed this. He is the owner of SpaceX, which manufactures Starship. of reuters Report According to, in response to a question, Musk said that the purpose of the upcoming launch is that the Starship should generate more heat than last time. It is noteworthy that earlier this year the Starship rocket was tested for the third time and that test was almost successful. Starship had completed its test flight, but at the last moment it lost contact with the control room.

What is Starship?

starship Is a reusable rocket. It mainly has two parts. The first is the passenger carry section, which will house the passengers, while the second is the super heavy rocket booster. Its length including the starship and booster is 394 feet (120 meters). While the weight is 50 lakh kg. According to the information, the Starship rocket is capable of generating a thrust of 16 million pounds (70 meganewtons). This is almost twice as much as NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

What work will Starship do?

Scientists believe that with the help of Starship rocket, in future humans and essential equipment can be taken to the Moon and Mars. If this happens, humans will no longer be limited to Earth and will become a multi-planetary species. The American space agency is planning to send humans to the moon under the Artemis mission. After the Moon, there is a plan to send humans to Mars. Rockets like Starship can be very useful to fulfill this plan in the next few decades.

elon musk have told That the Starship rocket will ultimately be 500 feet high. This is 20 percent more than the Starship rocket being tested at present. The size of the starship will be increased keeping in mind the Mars mission.



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