Tesla Self Driving Mode Fault Owner Says EV Nearly Collided With Train Watch Video

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Tesla’s electric cars are popular for their self-driving technology. This technology has been included in all the products of the company, which controls the car on the road under the supervision of the driver. This technology is appreciated for many reasons, while it has been criticized for some reasons. A recent incident has brought it into the same circle, where a person has claimed that his life was in danger due to the self-driving mode of his Tesla EV.

The case is from Ohio, where a man named Craig Doty Tesla EV The owner has alleged that the Tesla car’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) mode put his life in danger. Actually, Doti was driving his electric sedan in FSD mode and he suddenly had to take control of the car when the car did not slow down even after a passing train came very close to him.

Doty posted a post on the Tesla Motors Club forum Post In which he has given details of this incident. He says that the car went on a closed level crossing on two separate occasions. This post was shared by a large number of users on many outlets and platforms like X, after which this mod has once again become a victim of criticism.

Doti claimed that his electric car was in full self-driving (FSD) mode at the time and did not slow down even after the train crossed the road. Here he did not share the exact model of his car.

He wrote in his post, (translated) “I have had this for less than a year. Tesla and within the last six months, it has twice attempted to collide head-on with a passing train while in FSD mode. The most recent incident occurred on May 8, 2024 and I have the dash cam footage of that incident.”

In the video shared by Doti, he is seen taking control mid-air with FSD engaged and suddenly turning the car towards a railway crossing sign and stopping just a few feet away from the train.

“I am attempting to obtain telemetry data from these incidents. Also, I am looking for similar cases or incidents. Unfortunately, due to the lack of major injuries I have not been able to find a lawyer willing to take on this case,” he wrote on X.

Let us tell you that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), by April 2024, Tesla Model The Y, X, S and 3 autopilot systems were involved in a total of 17 deaths and 736 accidents since 2019.<!–


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