What is Bell 212 helicopter crashed in Iran president ebrahim died

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Bell 212 Helicopter: Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi (ebrahim raisi death news) died in a helicopter crash. He had gone to the Iran-Azerbaijan border to inaugurate a dam. Iran’s Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian also lost his life in the incident. This accident is being discussed all over the world and there is also talk about the helicopter in which the Iranian President was traveling. The name of the helicopter is- Bell 212 (Bell Two-Twelve). Let us know about it.

What is Bell 212 helicopter?

According to a report, Bell 212 is a medium helicopter with two blades. It is manufactured by Bell Helicopter, which is originally an American company. Bell 212 first flew in the year 1968. It was designed keeping civilians in mind. However, both the government and private operators have been using this helicopter.

When the helicopter was built, its capacity was 15 people, which includes a pilot and 14 passengers. After the first flight in 1968, the Bell 212 helicopter was adopted by the US and Canada in their fleets in 1971.

Many variants of helicopters have appeared so far. These include Bell Model 212. Apart from this, Twin Two Blade, Agusta-Bell AB 212, Agusta-Bell AB.212ASW, Bell Model 412 and Eagle Single have also been prepared.

What can Bell 212 do?

Bell 212 is a multipurpose helicopter. It is used to transport passengers. Helicopters can be used to transport goods and supply weapons. It has also been used to extinguish fire.

According to BBC Hindi, the Bell 212 in which the Iranian President was traveling was modified so that top government officials and leaders could travel in it. The most advanced helicopter of the Bell 212 series is Bell 412. The company claims that the helicopter can also be used for tasks like movement of soldiers and medical transportation.

Have been a victim of an accident before too

Bell 212 helicopter has been a victim of accidents before also. That incident took place on 14 September 1982. The helicopter, which was flying due to a medical emergency, crashed in the North Sea due to rain and poor visibility. All 6 crew members lost their lives.

Bell 212 Specifications

Bell 212 has a capacity of 14 passengers. Its length is 17.4163 meters and height is 3.8311 meters. The empty helicopter weighs 2,962 kg, while it can take off with a maximum load of 5,080 kg. Its speed is 190 kilometers per hour, while the range is 439 kilometers.


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