Xiaomi Magnetic Magsafe Power bank Launched with 5000mAh Battery Know Price Features

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Xiaomi has introduced a new magnetic power bank in China. The Xiaomi Magnetic Power Bank features a 5000mAh 7.5W battery. The power bank uses magnetic safe charging technology through its 10N magnetic suction force. There is no need to press any button to charge the iPhone wirelessly due to automatic induction technology. It provides precise absorption and is specially designed for iPhone 12 and later iPhone models.

Xiaomi Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh Price

The Xiaomi Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh 7.5W is priced at 129 yuan (approximately Rs 1,494). The power bank is available in China on Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, and other online platforms. However, it may become available in other markets later.

Xiaomi Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh Features

Xiaomi The Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh has automatic wireless charging sensing. It charges the connected devices with just a suction. It includes USB-C two-way fast charging. It is 12mm thick and comes in a slim design. It does not block the iPhone lens while charging, so the smartphone can be used while charging. The power capacity of the Magnetic Power Bank is 7.5W and it can provide a higher wired charging speed of 18W. The maximum input power of the power bank is 20W. It can be fully charged in 2.2 hours.

Using both wired and wireless charging, the power bank offers a charging speed of 10W for both outlets. During self-charging, the Xiaomi Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh 7.5W supports wireless charging only. The power bank can fully charge the iPhone 15 only once, which will work as a backup battery for the smartphone. There are two NTC thermistors on the Xiaomi Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh. Its hardware works with built-in software to create a temperature control system that can actively adjust power as the temperature changes.



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