Xiaomi Mijia Massage Gun 3 Launched Very Helpful in Muscle Recovery

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Xiaomi has launched the Mijia Massage Gun 3 massage tool in the Chinese market. This massage tool is designed for athletes, fitness lovers and users who use it for muscle recovery. It is a powerful and affordable device. Here we are telling you in detail about Mijia Massage Gun 3.

Xiaomi Mijia Massage Gun 3 Price

Xiaomi The Mijia Massage Gun is priced at 399 yuan (approximately Rs 4,668). This massage tool is now available for pre-sale on JD.com.

Xiaomi Mijia Massage Gun 3 Specifications

Xiaomi Mijia Massage Gun 3 has a 38 percent increase in thrust compared to the previous model, reaching up to 25 kg. This provides better relaxation in deep muscle groups, better breakdown of lactic acid. This provides faster relief from pain and fatigue. Designed for both athletes and fitness lovers, this device offers a maximum speed of 2800RPM and 10MM stroke depth, which helps reduce muscle stress and promote blood circulation.

The device comes in two operational modes, fixed and variable frequency. The fixed mode provides a constant speed for comfort before and after exercise, while the variable mode uses professional massage techniques for daily muscle recovery. The Massage Gun 3 has an intelligent gear memory function that remembers the last used setting for quick access when started. Additionally, a force feedback light ring provides visual guidance on the pressure applied, helping users to push harder. The light ring changes color based on the pressure.

It comes with multiple massage heads designed for different massage groups and needs, including a circular head for large areas, a U-shaped head for the spine, and a flat head for general massage. It can be used for muscle recovery on the go, whether you are at the gym, office, or traveling. The massage gun has a 2450mAh lithium battery that can be used for up to 30 days on a single charge.



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