Xiaomi SU7 Electric Car Accident in China Caused Casualty Brake Failure Expected Company Respond

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Xiaomi launched its first electric car – SU7 in China in March this year. Recently, the company also started its delivery in its domestic market, after which complaints related to this EV have now slowly started being reported in the country. The latest news is related to an accident of a SU7 EV, in which one person was seriously injured and one died. It is being told that the brakes of this EV, which was the victim of the accident, failed, due to which it lost control. However, Xiaomi has issued a statement and directly denied the brake failure.

On the morning of Friday, June 7, a Xiaomi SU7 EV suddenly lost control while exiting a parking lot in Meilan district of Haikou city and collided with an electric bike and people walking in the non-motorized vehicle lane. One person was killed and one injured in the accident. PanDeli reports Report According to , a Xiaomi spokesperson issued a statement regarding the incident and denied the claims of ‘EV going out of control’ and ‘brake failure’. The company also said that it is actively cooperating with the police in the investigation.

According to the report, Xiaomi said in its response, (translated): “After the accident occurred, we have immediately intervened and are actively cooperating with the police for inspection and investigation. According to the vehicle’s backend data obtained in cooperation with the police, all systems of the vehicle were normal at the time of the accident, including normal brake pedal status and continuous depressing of the accelerator pedal. We have submitted a vehicle data report to the traffic police department regarding the incident and will continue to assist them in their investigation.”

A recent update from PanDeli Report Reports that some Xiaomi SU7 owners had problems with their car immediately after picking it up Various problems The car has faced many accidents, including suspected sudden brake failure. It is reported that a Xiaomi SU7 owner in Hunan, China experienced sudden brake failure while parking, which caused damage to the car’s damping. The car sounded an alarm and later showed four abnormal alerts such as “brake system failure” on the screen. The Xiaomi SU7 car was less than a month old at the time of the incident.

Meanwhile, in response to the incident on May 13, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s PR department, reportedly said in a post that “after verification, it was found to be a misidentification by software and this low-probability incident has been fixed.”<!–


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