Chinese astronaut hangs in space 450km above the earth watch video

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astronaut in chinese Space Ever since China has built its space station in space, new ‘exploits’ of its scientists are coming to light. There was a time when America and other countries did not allow China to become a part of the International Space Station, China built the space station on its own and is also maintaining it. In a latest video, a Chinese astronaut can be seen hanging above the Earth. This footage is astonishing.

According to reports, this incident happened during a spacewalk at China’s Tiangong space station. Usually spacewalks are done when the external instruments of the space station need repairs. Astronauts go out in their spacesuits and do spacewalks for several hours.

During one such spacewalk, a Chinese astronaut can be seen hanging above the Earth. This footage was recorded by a camera installed in the space station’s robotic arm. China’s Shenzhou 18 mission is currently present at the Tiangong station. It was launched for Tiangong in April. The scientists associated with it did a spacewalk of eight and a half hours, which is a record.

Astronauts named ‘Ye Guangfu’ and ‘Li Guangsu’ on May 28 Tiangong Space Station They worked outside the station for 8.5 hours. Before this, no Chinese astronaut had done a spacewalk for such a long time. ‘Ye’ and ‘Li’ installed a device to protect the space station from space debris. Its name is space debris protection device. The astronauts also checked other instruments present there.

China’s space station is at an altitude of 340 to 450 kilometers from the Earth. In the year 2021, for the first time, a team of astronauts reached the Tiangong Space Station, who spent 90 days there. However, only the first part of the space station was completed then. The second and third units of the space station were launched last year and this year.


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