China Moon Mission Change 6 landed on far side of moon will collects sample to return earth

Mission to the Moon in China : The world’s big countries are busy sending their missions to the moon. Last year, India’s Chandrayaan-3 landed on the south pole of the moon. Now China has landed in the mysterious remote area of ​​the moon, which is a huge success. has quoted China’s space agency as … Read more

NASA discovered a black hole that emits beams it can change its target

Black Hole: A team of scientists from the US space agency NASA has discovered a giant black hole that is ‘throwing powerful beams of particles into space’. Its ability to emit beams and change its target to another celestial target has led to the black hole being compared to the planet-killing Death Star in Star … Read more

SpaceWalk Two Chinese astronauts walked in space for 8.5 hours Watch Video

Spacewalk : Ever since China built its space station in space, its astronauts have been making headlines. Two Chinese astronauts have set a new record for spacewalk in space. ‘Ye Guangfu’ and ‘Li Guangsu’ worked for about 8.5 hours outside the Tiangong space station on May 28. Both astronauts are part of the Shenzhou 18 … Read more