SpaceWalk Two Chinese astronauts walked in space for 8.5 hours Watch Video

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Spacewalk : Ever since China built its space station in space, its astronauts have been making headlines. Two Chinese astronauts have set a new record for spacewalk in space. ‘Ye Guangfu’ and ‘Li Guangsu’ worked for about 8.5 hours outside the Tiangong space station on May 28. Both astronauts are part of the Shenzhou 18 mission. According to China’s state agency Xinhua, no Chinese astronaut had done a spacewalk for so long before this.

Officers of China’s space agency CMSA wrote in an update that ‘Ye’ and ‘Li’ installed a device to protect the space station from space debris. Its name is space debris protection device. The astronauts also checked other instruments present there.

It is worth noting that a few months ago, due to space debris, the solar arrays of Tiangong Space Station were damaged and the power supply was partially disrupted.

To deal with this, Ye and Li installed a device while doing a spacewalk. This was Li’s first and Ye’s second spacewalk. The third member of the mission, Li Kang, assisted in the mission while staying in the Tiangong Space Station and monitored the activities of the astronauts.

According to reports, Chinese astronauts have done a total of 16 spacewalks so far. The first spacewalk was done on 27 September 2008, which was of 20 minutes. This is the first spacewalk of the Shenzhou 18 mission. The mission was launched in April. Two spacewalks were also done in the previous mission Shenzhou 17.

China’s space station is at an altitude of 340 to 450 kilometers from the Earth. In the year 2021, for the first time, a team of astronauts reached the Tiangong Space Station, who spent 90 days there. However, only the first part of the space station was completed then. The second and third units of the space station were launched last year and this year.


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