NASA discovered a black hole that emits beams it can change its target

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Black Hole: A team of scientists from the US space agency NASA has discovered a giant black hole that is ‘throwing powerful beams of particles into space’. Its ability to emit beams and change its target to another celestial target has led to the black hole being compared to the planet-killing Death Star in Star Wars. NDTV Report According to , astronomers made the discovery on May 22, which shows just how much impact black holes can have on their surrounding galaxies and beyond.

In a statement, NASA Said It is reported that the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the US National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) detected ’16 supermassive black holes in galaxies surrounded by hot gas’.

NASA said that using radio data from the VLBA, scientists studied the directions of particles emanating from a few light years away from the black hole. This led scientists to discover that every black hole emits two rays in opposite directions.

The study was led by Francesco Ubertosi of the University of Bologna in Italy. He found that about one-third of the rays were pointing in different directions than before. Ubertosi said that the black holes are ‘rotating and pointing towards new targets’. The data shows that in many cases the direction of the jets changes by 90 degrees. The study has revealed that these black holes are barely more than 10 billion years old.

After this discovery, scientists believe that the rays coming from black holes play an important role in determining how many stars are formed in their galaxies.

What is Black Hole: Black holes are such places in our universe where no laws of physics work. There is only gravity and dense darkness. The gravity of black holes is so powerful that even light cannot escape its effect. Whatever goes inside a black hole cannot come out.


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