China space plane released 6th unknown object over Earth this flight

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China Space Plane : China’s mysterious space plane has worried scientists around the world! According to a report, on May 24, the Shenlong space plane released an unidentified flying object (UFO) 372 miles (600 kilometers) above the Earth’s surface. Experts have not been able to find out exactly what it is. However, they believe that it may be a small satellite or a piece of hardware that the space plane released before leaving orbit.

Live Science’s Report According to, the Shenlong spacecraft was launched on December 14 last year. Since then the US Space Force has been keeping an eye on this space plane. Very little is known about this plane. However, it looks similar to the secret Boeing X-37B space plane being developed by the US, which can orbit for many years.

According to the report, China’s space plane was launched for the first time in 2020 and remained in orbit for two days. It flew for the second time in late 2022 and remained in the air for 276 days. Since its launch last year, it has released 6 small objects into the air so far. China does not say anything about these objects.

Interestingly, the US military’s X-37B space plane is also in Earth’s orbit and is doing its work in a secret way. The world has not yet been able to know what is the goal of both missions. A report that came some time ago revealed that China has joined the select few countries of the world that have a spacecraft that can be reused. This feature is also said to be present in China’s space planes.

Experts believe that China’s space plane is similar to America’s Boeing X-37B. Kevin Polpeter, a research scientist at the Center for Naval Analysis, told some time ago that the American space plane inspired China to develop such a plane. He believes that China’s space program is very close to the country’s military.


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