Mobile app may predict depression in pregnant women

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Mobile technology may soon prove to be very beneficial for pregnant women. Researchers say that with the help of a mobile app, it will be possible to predict well in advance whether a pregnant woman may go into depression in the last stage of her pregnancy or not. Researchers have resorted to a survey for this. Under this, some questions were asked to the women. Then the results were drawn on the basis of analysis.

pregnant In women depression This problem is often seen because during pregnancy there are major chemical changes in the body of women in which hormones also play a major role. PTI According to, now it will be possible to know in advance through a mobile app whether a woman can go into depression in the last days of pregnancy or not. For this, the researchers included pregnant women in a survey.

The survey included women who were in the early stages of pregnancy. This is also called the first trimester period. It begins even before pregnancy when the last day of the menstrual cycle occurs before conception. That is, this phase actually begins even before the woman becomes pregnant. The researchers mentioned many types of risks related to pregnancy in the survey, which include factors such as quality of sleep, insecurity about food. These later become the cause of depression.

Tamar Krishnamurthy, the lead author of the study at the University of Pittsburgh in the US, believes that through this research, by asking people some questions, it can be ascertained whether they will suffer from depression or not. The author says that depression can occur due to the woman’s quality of sleep, labor pain, and the anxiety she has about delivery, and feelings of insecurity about food.

But if through a mobile app it can be ascertained in advance that a woman may go into depression in the later stages, then measures can be taken to prevent it in advance. For this study, the researchers surveyed 944 women who used this mobile app. These women did not have a previous history of depression. The accuracy of this model prepared by the researchers was found to be 93 percent.



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