Xiaomi fires top executives for corruption in Europe and Latin America know details

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Xiaomi has taken strict action against corruption and has shown the way out to two top employees from the company. Xiaomi has removed two directors from Latin America and Europe. According to the company, they were found involved in corruption many times. The company says that both the managers were taking special facilities, and they were also given many gifts and tempting things by people. They were taking undue advantage of their position in the company.

The company’s managers in Western Europe and Latin America were reported to be deeply involved in corruption. In Latin America alone Xiaomi sold more than 50 lakh smartphones in the first quarter itself. While in Europe, the company is ranked third in smartphone shipping as the best selling smartphone brand. ITHome Report According to the report, Chen Bingxu, the former general director in the Latin America region, is accused of accepting bribes, gifts, and expensive entertainment in exchange for special favors. The former manager received special treatment in exchange for signing commercial agreements with other companies.

Similarly, the company’s former Western Europe director Owen signed several agreements of high value after being lured by gifts etc. The company not only fired Owen from the job, but also started legal action against him. The company has filed a criminal case against the former director and has also filed a case for civil damages. In this way Xiaomi has shown that there is no place for corrupt employees in the company.

Talking about the performance of the company, Xiaomi is currently struggling with Samsung and Apple in Europe. The situation is the same in Latin America. Due to such mess of regional leaders, the company has obviously suffered losses in these regions. According to the report of Canalys, the company sold 5.3 million units in Latin America in the first quarter of 2024. The company’s market share here is 15.3 percent. The company has achieved 45 percent year over year growth. The company’s market share in Europe is said to be 16 percent.



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