Latest OTT Release This Week Murder in Mahim Undekhi Season 3 Dark Matter on Jiocinema Hotstar Sonyliv all details

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This week many interesting series have hit OTT. Among these, series of genres like crime, suspense, thriller etc. are available to entertain you. Many platforms like JioCinema, Netflix, Apple TV have released their web series. Let us know which series released this week you can watch on which platform.

Murder in Mahim
Murder in Mahim JioCinema Has released. It is a crime thriller. The series exposes sex crimes involving homosexual honey-trapping. It is shown that a gay sex worker is murdered at Mahim railway station. His body is found in the washroom of the railway station. Vijay Raj and Ashutosh Rana have strong roles in the series. Who is playing the role of a police officer and a journalist in it. The story is set in Mumbai. Which takes us to the era of 2013, when homosexuality was considered a crime in India. At the beginning of the series, the viewer can guess what is going to happen next. But gradually as the story progresses, it becomes deeper and highlights the strong acting of the actors.

Undekhi Season 3
SonyLiv But Undekhi Season 3 has been released. Undekhi is about the Atwals, a powerful and rich clan of Manali. He is more vengeful than ever and is also very violent. In the third season, buried secrets come out, hair-raising incidents take place, and an ocean of emotions also seems to be surging in it. Harsh Chhaya, Surya Sharma, Aanchal Singh, Ankur Rathi and Dibyendu Bhattacharya are seen in the lead roles.

Dark Matter
Dark Matter has been released on Apple TV+. This is a sci-fi series. This is the story of Jason Deisen, a physics professor. Jason is a simple person. But in an alternate aspect of her life, she is kidnapped. Jason finds himself caught in a situation where he is torn between the possibilities of living life differently. His earlier life has now become a nightmare. He is seen trying to reunite his real family. It stars Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga and Jimmi Simpson. This series is based on the famous novel Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

Doctor Who Season 14
hotstar But the new series Doctor Who Season 14 has been released. This is a sci-fi series which has been running for a long time. It features Doctor Who’s supernatural Time Lords, who frequently travel through time in spaceships with their companions. Ncuti Gatwa is revealed as the 15th Doctor in the new season. Millie Gibson is his partner. Both travel through time and space. They also have to face many problems during this journey. <!–


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