NASA Shares Photos Of Massive Explosions On Sun That Unleashed Solar Flares

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These days, there are continuous explosions on the surface of the Sun due to which storms of energy move towards the Earth. The excess energy becomes a solar storm. These solar storms are also called solar flares or geomagnetic storms. Till now many solar storms have hit the Earth. They have a huge impact on the earth. According to space scientists, this is the 25th cycle of the Sun. When the Sun completes a cycle of 11 years, on the 11th year huge explosions occur on its surface due to which a huge amount of energy is released.

NASA In the latest update, it has said that it has recorded two major explosions on the surface of the Sun. Due to these, major solar storms have arisen on Friday and Saturday. These explosions have been recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Due to this, a huge amount of geomagnetic energy has been thrown towards the Earth which is moving towards the Earth.

According to NASA, two powerful solar flares were recorded by SDO on May 10 and 11. One of these rose at 9:23 pm EDT on May 10 and the other peaked at 7:44 am EDT on May 11. SDO has also captured their images. These are classified as X5.8 and X1.5 solar flares.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued an alert. Many coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are heading towards Earth. NOAA has issued an alert for the first of these. After solar explosions, a different sight was seen in space. The effect of solar storms on Earth is sometimes seen in the form of sky lights. After these explosions, the game of light in space was seen all over the world. This is called Aurora which scatters in the Earth’s atmosphere. During this time the sky is surrounded by shades of pink, green, and purple. Aurora incidents have been reported to be seen in the sky from Europe to Australia.

These solar storms originate from a particular active part of the Sun. Scientists say coronal mass ejections (CMEs) cause bursts of energetic particles that create solar winds. This affects the Earth’s magnetic field. These penetrate inside its magnetic field due to which colorful shades are seen in the sky. But sometimes they pose a threat to electric networks and satellites. They also have the ability to destroy their functioning. <!–


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