Scientists done 15 Years Of Research On Blue Whale Sound collect 3900 hours data reveals big thing

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Whales are counted among the largest creatures found on earth. Whale fish can probably be called the largest creature in the sea. Now scientists have spent 15 years and conducted a study on whales living in Antarctica. Scientists have discovered what sounds whales make. What sound does a male whale make, and what sound does a female whale make? Scientists have presented their results in a sonic survey.

For this the researchers used passive acoustic devices called sonobuoys. With their help, researchers collected 3900 hours of sound data. It was found that whales produce three types of sounds. Scientists have called these three types of calls. Marine Mammal Acoustician to Study brian miller Has taken the lead. Miller is associated with the Australian Antarctic Programme. The distribution and behavior of the Antarctic blue whale is highlighted here. It is said that during industrial whaling they were once hunted so much that they were on the verge of extinction. to study Frontiers in Marine Science Has been published in.

The information scientists have gathered will help them monitor the blue whale population. After examining the data, researchers found that whales produce three specific types of sounds. There is a type of call called Z-call, which only male whales produce. Unit-A call is another type of call found only in this area. Whereas D-call is produced by both males and females. With the help of these calls, scientists can understand the population and behavior of whales.

However, scientists have not yet been able to find out what these calls actually mean. But with the help of drone footage and AI algorithms, researchers will soon find out their meaning. This can also reveal the impact of climate change on the blue whale population. Krill has also been found to be their main food source.


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