Length Of A Day Might Change As Earth Inner Core Slowing Since 2010

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The earth is continuously revolving around the sun, and it is also revolving on its axis. Day and night are formed by the rotation on the axis, while the seasons change due to the rotation around the sun. But a new study has made a shocking revelation. The study says that the innermost layer of the earth has reduced its speed of rotation. Due to which the duration of a day which is of 24 hours, can change. But this change will be very small.

Study It says that the innermost layer of the Earth, called the core, is now rotating slower than before. The core has two parts – an inner core, and an outer core. The inner core has been rotating slower since 2010. This can change the length of the day by a fraction of a second.

Earth The inner part of the core is considered to be a solid sphere made of metals like iron and nickel. While its outer part is made of liquid which contains molten metals. After this, there are other two outer layers of the Earth. After the core, the mantle layer is present and after that the uppermost layer is the crust, on which we live.

Researchers study these layers through waves. These waves are sent out during earthquakes. Researchers record them and find out the position and composition of the three layers. Professor John Vidale, associated with the study from the University of Southern California, says that when he first saw the seismogram waves, he was stunned.

After several decades, the speed of the Bhatari core has reduced. At the same time, some studies about it also say that it is rotating at a speed faster than the speed of the Earth. Its rotation is affected by the magnetic field generated by the outer core. Along with this, the effect of the gravity of the mantle is also said to be on it.

Researcher Duncan Agnew from the University of California San Diego says that the speed of the liquid core had also slowed down compared to the speed of the Earth. To reduce this effect, the solid part of the Earth started rotating at a faster speed. Since 1972, the need to add a leap second to UTC time has been felt every few years because it is believed that the Earth does not always rotate at the same speed.



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