Mysterious Hole shared by NASA On Mars Could Shelter Humans During Crewed Mission

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Space agency NASA is continuously running missions on Mars, and is searching for signs of life here. Also, the possibility is being explored whether life can flourish on Mars or not. However, scientists may not have found signs of life, but they have definitely found a place to hide on Mars. NASA has shared a picture of a mysterious crater on Mars. It has been said that it can be used as a place to stay for astronauts coming to Mars in the future.

Fortunate But NASA has described this mysterious clue as the remaining part of the volcano. The volcano is now extinct. This crater is spread over a few meters. According to AccordingIt was discovered on August 15, 2022. It is the remaining part of a volcano named Arsia Mons. It was captured by NASA’s MRO orbiter with the HiRISE camera. When the spacecraft captured it on camera, it was only 296 kilometers away from the surface of Mars.

It is said about this crater that it is vertical and is deeper towards the bottom. It is so big that people can stay in it. This means that it can be used as a hiding place for astronauts going on Mars mission in future. The report says that the atmosphere of Mars is very thin. It lacks a global magnetic field. It cannot stop the radiation coming from the Sun, as our Earth can. This is the reason why radiation is found to be 40 to 50 times more on Mars.

According to NASA, such craters can also provide information about evidence of life on Mars. It has been said that in the past, these may have been used as shelters. Or who knows, bacteria etc. may also be growing there. However, it is still a mystery how deep this crater is. Also, it is not known whether these open only in small openings inside or whether cave-like structures are also present in them. NASA has concluded in its report that if these open inside in the form of a cave, then it can become a big relief for astronauts in the future which can protect them from outside radiation.



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