Pakistan Based Hackers Using These Messaging Apps Programming Languages to Target Indian Government Defence Websites

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Pakistan-based threat group Transparent Tribe is reportedly targeting the Indian government and military institutions. A research and intelligence team has informed in its latest report that these hacking groups are using programming languages ​​​​like Python, Golang and Rust and are also misusing popular web services like Telegram, Discord, Slack and Google Drive. This cyber espionage campaign run by this hacking group, also known as APT36 or Mythic Leopard, is targeting the Indian government, defense and aerospace sectors.

The BlackBerry Research and Intelligence team recently uncovered a cyber espionage campaign by the hacking group Transparent Tribe. The group’s recent activity involves the use of phishing techniques to transmit malware. These phishing attacks often present malicious documents disguised as official government correspondence or defense-related information. Once these documents are opened, malware is installed on the victim’s system, giving attackers unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Report According to, the malware used includes several variations of remote access Trojans (RATs), such as Crimson RAT and ObliqueRAT, which enable attackers to steal data, monitor communications, and remotely trigger other espionage activities.

Transparent Tribe has been active since 2013. It is a cyber surveillance threat group working with Pakistani connivance. Drup has previously carried out cyber espionage campaigns against India’s education and defense sectors.

The group’s campaign also uses techniques such as command and control (C2) structures, which can also be modified to hide identities. Transparent Tribe has also focused on the Indian education sector, particularly large institutions such as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and National Institutes of Technology (NITs). These attacks, which intensified in early 2023, use malware embedded in macro-enabled PowerPoint add-ons (PPAM files).

Seqrite’s recent attacks are based on previous attacks carried out by the group. Report It has been reported that this threat group is a hacker group from Pakistan which has been targeting South Asian countries, especially Indian defense and government organizations since at least 2019. This group uses a variety of software tools, including Ares RAT, Action RAT, AllaKore RAT, Reverse RAT, Margulas RAT, etc. Transparent Tribe has been active since 2013. <!–


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