How to Stop Anger Habit?

How to break anger habit?

How to break anger habit? Anger Habit is bad. To get rid of habit of anger and regret this article will help you. The outbursts of anger are almost always followed by regret and a desire to handle the situation differently next time. One can avoid that anger-instinctive-reaction, with the help of the acronym, S.T.O.P.

S – Stands for ‘Stop, just stop’, hold on, wait a minute.

T – Stands for ‘Take three deep breaths and then smile.’ Feel your whole body smile.

O – Stands to ‘Observe’ what’s happening inside of you. The anger probably doesn’t feel very good. But you have to observe it to know that. Acknowledge how it feels.

P – Stands to Proceed with awareness and kindness.

Creating this positive habit of stopping and introspecting can go a long way in controlling your instinctive anger response.