The One Minute Manager – Book Summary

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Why The One Minute Manager is important for you?

Do you find yourself “too busy” to manage your time?

Do you feel like you’re constantly running behind?

If so, you’re not alone. According to recent studies, more than half of all working Americans feel like they don’t have enough time to do everything they want.

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed, you need to read The One Minute Manager. This book is based on the premise that you can manage your time and your work life in just one minute a day.

What about the book?

The One Minute Manager is a book about how to become a more efficient and effective employee. The Author argues that the key to being successful is to focus on doing one task well, and then move on to the next. This book provides a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this goal. The book is full of anecdotes and case studies that illustrate author’s points. Overall, The One Minute Manager is a practical guide that can help anyone become more productive.

The One Minute Manager reveals three secrets to productive and efficient managing as told
through a young man’s search for the perfect managing and leading skills. The One Minute Manager is
focused on, not surprisingly, a one minute manager. The man is a venerable leader that is highly spoken
of by his employees, his three secrets being the key to his success.

The Three Secrets of The One Minute Manager:

What is the first secret in One Minute Manager?

One Minute Goals is the first secret. This involves setting goals during a meeting between the manager and the employee, writing them down in a succinct statement, and periodically reviewing them to make sure productivity is happening.

This entire process takes a minute, which actually refers to a brief meeting, but it is not constrained to only 60 seconds.

Setting one-minute goals is meant to make sure that everyone is clear on their job duties because confusion breeds inefficiency and discouragement.

What is the Second secret in One Minute Manager?

One minute Praisings are the second key to one minute managing. To do this, you must be honest with people about how they are performing.

One of the goals of the one minute manager is to catch people doing things right, and when you do, you immediately compliment them and point out what they did right.

After pausing to let them know how appreciative you are of their contribution to the company, extend a handshake to seal the deal.

What is the Third secret in One Minute Manager?

The one-minute reprimand is the third secret. Reprimanding when a wrong has been committed is part of being honest with those around you.

Reprimanding immediately and specifically is the first step. Remind the person that they are valued and that you only took issue with their performance after the scolding by shaking hands.

The two parts of the one-minute rebuke—the censure and the reassurance—are equally crucial. If you omit the latter, people won’t like you and would mistakenly believe that you are less valuable than they are, which is untrue.

This is the same as the second secret and contains a crucial element of the first secret: it makes it possible to comprehend obligations and how to fulfil them properly.

About the Author

Blanchard has a BA in government and philosophy from Cornell University, an MA in sociology and counselling from Colgate University, and a PhD in administration and management. He is a professor of leadership and organisational behaviour at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the author of the widely used textbook Managing Organizational Behavior: Using Human Resources. He also owns and operates a training and corporate development-focused business.

The One Minute Manager has been printed in more than 750,000. One Minute Leadership and Managers, One Minute Salespeople, and One Minute Manager’s Way are just a few of the subtopics that have arisen as a result of the book’s popularity.


Fast-paced and filled with emphasis on important ideas, The One Minute Manager is a quick read.

The ideas are straightforward and easy to execute, and the book lays out how to do so.

The knowledge and skills that the one minute manager style imparts are so easy to use.

The One Minute Manager is a useful technique for fostering leadership because of these reasons.

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