NASA Hubble Captures Triple Star System 550 Light Years Away

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NASA has captured an amazing sight in space with the Hubble Space Telescope. The space agency has shared a photo in which three new young stars are visible. These three stars are visible in a shining nebula. NASA has called it HP Tau family. In which three stars HP Tau, HP Tau G2, and HP Tau G3 are visible.

HP Tau is the brightest star among these three. This star is a baby star. Our Sun is said to be 4.6 billion years old. HP Tau is said to be only 10 million years old. NASA has called it T Tauri star in which nuclear fusion has not started yet. But it is also on its way to becoming a bright star like our Sun.

NASA These young stars are often found shrouded in dust and gas left behind after their birth, said the press release. This is the nebula rotating near HP Tau. The illumination of HP Tau is not stable, it seems to fluctuate. Such changes are not stable. They are affected by the atmosphere of a newly born star.

This disk revolving around the star works to nourish the star. Besides, some substances also keep falling on it. Apart from this, presence of large sunspots on the surface of the star can also be the reason for the irregular brightness of the star. HP Tau is located 550 light years away from Earth. Unlike some other nebulae, it is not producing its own light. Instead, it is acting like a giant astronomical mirror, reflecting light from nearby stars.

Describing the Reflection Nebula, NASA has said that it is something like a cloud of fog appears in front of a car when its headlights are on on a foggy night. American space agency NASA keeps sharing space related events and latest pictures from time to time on its social media platform. often in these Hubble Space Telescope There are also pictures captured from the Hubble Space Telescope.


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